Hanover Co-op Food Stores' Covid Update for March 19

News of more products coming back to our stores, and comments about our employees

First, about our employees: We receive daily comments and emails from customers praising the work of the teams throughout our operations. Time and again, these shoppers share deep appreciation for our crew, saying things such as, “Thank you for maintaining a positive attitude and putting yourselves out in the public for us…you deserve our heartfelt appreciation!”

We completely agree. Our cooperative is an employee-focused business. We see extraordinary efforts throughout stores, facilities, and behind the scenes.  Our teams are the key to the Hanover Co-op’s ability to serve the community. We are steadfast in our commitment to doing everything possible to help alleviate employee stress, and serve them and their families to the best of our ability, now and in the future.

Here is the latest news about how we are strengthening our supply chain: Our Merchandising teams are reporting success in their efforts to supplement our supply of staple groceries (canned foods, pasta, peanut butter, and such). Soon we’ll take delivery on about 200 such products from another regional partner. This quick turn-around time is due to having local resources and supply chain options, and a team that knows who to call. We will continue to keep you informed of delivery changes as space and time allows.

In closing, we wish to extend our thanks to leaders, volunteers, and organizations around our region. Nearly every day, members of our teams are participating in conference calls and collaborative problem solving with our professional network throughout New England. There is power in numbers, and each day, we strive to grow stronger.

We will strive to post daily updates (Monday through Friday) to this page between approximately 3:00 and 4:00. Even on days when an update is not warranted, we will post a statement letting site visitors know that. It is our hope that things will settle down to the point where we provide updates only on an as-needed basis.


About Hanover Co-op Food Stores

The Hanover Co-op Food Stores—also know as the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society—is owned by more than 24,000 members. The Co-op seeks to build a well-nourished community cultivated through cooperation. From its founding in 1936 by 17 Dartmouth College professors and their spouses, the Hanover Co-op has grown to become the oldest and second largest of its kind in the United States. Today, the Co-op serves more than 5,000 customers each day. For more than 84 years, the Co-op has maintained a stated commitment to buying locally produced food. With locations in New Hampshire and Vermont, this cooperative generates sales of  $77 million annually from its three grocery stores, community market and two auto service centers.

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