Hanover Co-op Names Interim General Manager

Hanover Co-op Names Interim General Manager

Board selects internal candidate Paul Guidone

At its meeting on February 26, 2020, the Hanover Co-op’s Board of Directors was tasked with choosing an Interim General Manager to serve the Co-op until a new General Manager has been hired. Current General Manager Ed Fox has given his notice and will be leaving the Co-op in early April.

Board chair Rosemary Fifield announced the board’s decision that Paul Guidone will fill that role. Paul is currently the Co-op’s Strategic Advisor and a member of Ed’s Leadership Team. The Board’s process included interviews with all members of the Leadership Team.

“We found the leadership team’s camaraderie, shared trust, and mutual respect to be reassuring evidence that Paul and the team will continue Ed’s good work,” said Ms. Fifield.

Mr. Guidone will assume his new role on March 8.

The Board also elected board member Jessica Saturley-Hall to serve as chair of the Search Committee for a new General Manager. Ms. Saturley-Hall will be assembling her committee and moving forward in the next few weeks.

Rosemary Fifield and Jessica Saturley-Hall emphasized their interest in receiving input, questions, or comments from members and community members regarding this or any other board matter. They can be reached at; JessicaSaturleyHall@board.coopfoodstore.com orrosemaryfifield@board.coopfoodstore.com at any time.

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