Hanover Co-op Board Plans Net-Zero Emissions by 2030

Aggressive timeline aligns with board's long-term vision

Following decades of environmental programs and initiatives, the Co-op’s board announced an ambitious effort to move from individual programs to a strategic process aimed at reducing emissions to net-zero in the next nine years.

This action by the Hanover Co-op’s board is an example of how the directors have established a long-term vision which builds upon the Co-op’s numerous giving programs, socially responsible business practices, and the assistance to other cooperatives. By setting this Zero-by-30 goal, the Co-op’s concern for the environment becomes a board and business priority with data-driven milestones and a clear goal line.

"Every store update or renovation, every replacement of equipment or vehicle, has this goal in mind,” said Hanover Co-op General Manager Paul Guidone. "Our long-term net-zero goal — as established by the Co-op board — will build upon all the sustainability projects we have put in place over many years.”

To support this work, the Co-op has engaged VEIC, a local clean and sustainable energy organization that is committed to decarbonization. VEIC will work with the Hanover Co-op to develop a roadmap to net-zero emissions. The goal is to identify actions that support the Co-op’s goal within its aggressive timeframe.

“VEIC is excited to support the Co-op in its commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, and emissions reductions," said Brian Just, an Engineering Manager at VEIC. "As a member-owned cooperative that supports local food systems and families, Hanover has set targets that directly align with VEIC’s mission and core values.“

VEIC will work closely with Hanover Co-op's board and employees to conduct an inventory of the organization's energy use and emissions. When available, an action plan will be posted to the the cooperative's website, coopfoodstore.coop, to provide Co-op members and shoppers with details about which steps are being taken and when.

Please direct questions to Hanover Co-op General Manager Paul Guidone at [email protected].


About VEIC: The VEIC team is a nationwide leader in comprehensive energy efficiency and low-global warming potential refrigeration technologies specific to grocery stores and businesses. In the grocery market alone, VEIC’s technical guidance has helped hundreds of projects save tens of thousands of megawatt-hours in electricity and attain impactful fuel savings, while aligning stores with millions of dollars in financial incentives for energy efficiency. As an implementer of Efficiency Vermont and other sustainable energy and efficiency programs across the U.S., VEIC has expertise in building electrification, renewable heating and cooling technologies, renewable electricity generation, and efficiency technologies.


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